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This one might be actual site of Hoffa burial


Published: Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 18:01

Jimmy Hoffa Sr. has returned to the headlines.

In September, it was claimed he had been buried under a driveway in Roseville. But after an excavation, the cracked cement revealed nothing.

However, a more credible source may actually know what’s been going on.

His name is Tony Zerilli, a reputed one-time head of the Detroit Partnership, and he is speaking of a traveling Hoffa body.

He said the body was originally buried in a field in northern Oakland County but the plan was to take the body upstate to Rogers City.

However, the body then just vanished, he said.

He claims the information came from a tipster in the organization at the right place, right time.

But what is really questionable is whether Zerilli was in the organization he claims to have knowledge from.

While most consider him to have been the underboss at one time or another, he denied it in an interview with reporter Marc Santia of New York’s WNBC.

Afterwards, Detroit Free Press staff reporters John Wisely and Tammy Stables Battaglia did some digging.

They found that Jack Tocco, who was later a leader of the organization, bought the land rights to the property where Zerilli claims Hoffa was buried.

The checks came from Tocco’s company, Melrose Linen Supply, in Hamtramck.

Since then, the property has been sold several times, and the current owner is probably not happy about those wandering towards his property in search of the Hoffa mythology even if he purchased it not knowing there was any association with the labor leader.

Enzo Cerqua, president of Futura Construction, is charged with the task of keeping Hoffa followers away from the house.

He has had helicopters fly over the house, talked to a woman writing a book about Hoffa and tried to keep people at bay.

While the concerns of privacy for the resident are important, the real question comes down to whether Hoffa is currently buried there, and whether or not the present leadership have since moved to Rogers City.

It would certainly be interesting if the owner of the house is in some way connected to the Partnership.

Yet, I am probably just digging into the creative noir of my love of anything from the gangland era of cities like Detroit and Chicago.

But, it still makes you wonder whether or not there is something to what Zerilli is saying or whether he is just seeking media attention after a long-time incarceration for racketeering and extortion.

The latter is more likely.

My guess is the man will never be found.


Zimmer is a VN assistant editor

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