November 2010: We have a new, capable leader

Ladies and gentlemen, we have leadership! University of Detroit Mercy, say hello to President Antoine M. Garibaldi.

There's been extensive coverage on this event in The Varsity News, the school's website and local media, as well. I don't have many facts to add to the equation but luckily this is an editorial so that won't be too much of a problem.

I'm really happy with the decision – not that I had much idea about the other candidates.

But the more I learn about our new leader, the more excited I get for what he might do for this university.

Unfortunately, because I graduate in June, I won't be directly encountering his reign, but I think my fellow Titans will be lucky to have him.

Garibaldi has gained decades of experience in education and leadership. He's worked in Catholic universities before and done notable work increasing funding as well as enrollment.

Before the announcement, many faculty and staff members, as well as students, shared with me that these things were really important and from what I've heard around campus since the announcement, everyone is pleased with the decision.

With a Ph.D. in educational psychology, I think his academic experience leading and assisting institutions is preferable to the rumored candidate whose background was in private-sector corporate leadership.

One of the areas that I've focused on in my columns is community involvement and the need for resources in our area.

All signs point to Garibaldi prioritizing this as well, so I'm additionally supportive.

Garibaldi's experience, which has been expanded upon in the other stories in the paper, will prove to be extraordinarily beneficial for our university. He has my vote of confidence, and I hope that everyone else on this campus gives him the same.

Khalil is VN co-managing editor.