Crime touches students, campus

Two recent crimes – one involving a UDM student – have helped bring the safety issue close to campus.

During the early morning hours of Sept. 4, an unknown man pulled a gun on a UDM student near the Citgo gas station at Fairfield and McNichols.

The student managed to run from the man and hide in a nearby alley.

UDM public safety and the Detroit Police Department are investigating the incident.

Less than a week earlier, on Aug. 31, two people were shot and killed in a neighborhood near the campus.

According to The Detroit News, a 23-year-old woman from Warren and an 18-year-old man from Detroit were two victims.

An unknown man forced them out of a car and shot them. The case is still under investigation.

The shootings took place in the 15800 block of Stoepel, around a half mile from campus.

The Detroit News also noted that since Aug. 1 there have been 29 assaults, five shootings, five robberies and two sexual assaults within a mile radius of the double homicide.