Summer work brings changes to Shiple Hall

Over the summer, Facility Operations was busy getting the seventh floor of Shiple Hall in tip top shape for incoming freshmen.

The whole floor received a much-needed facelift with updates to everything to leave a great first impression.

The seventh floor now has a new ceiling, floor and paint job.

Not only did the floor receive the usual makeover, a new lounge was put in as well as closets being reworked to add a spiffy new furniture solution.

“Having the lounge open like that creates a more welcoming environment,” explained Lanae Gill, director of resident life.

Previous renovations to the dorm have included new windows, elevator improvements and roller blinds, but this brand new look to the seventh floor is something different.

The director of facility operations, David Vandelinder, noted that the seventh floor is not the only place in Shiple getting a makeover. 

“Shiple fifth floor is currently off line and a renovation scope of work is being developed,” said Vandelinder. “We hope to continue making all our residence halls better for our students.” 

In addition to the renovations at Shiple, a new salt storage building is currently being built behind the facility operations building near Calihan Hall.