Anime fans welcome fellow enthusiasts to UDM club




For those of you who think that there are no organizations on campus that suit your needs, it is time to reconsider.

UDM has many clubs and organizations that are hidden treasures, but it may take some time to find out about all the things that these clubs and organizations have to offer.

One organization that many may be unaware of is the Anime Enthusiast Association.

This organization is all about those who are interested in Anime and would like to be involved in conferences such as Youmacon, a downtown Detroit event that celebrates Japanese culture.

One of the traditions at this event is to dress up and wear costumes.

The association is getting together a group of students to go to this event.

The group meets weekly and also hosts activities, like movie nights.

This is an ideal community to be a part of for anyone who enjoys Anime and all it entails.

Freshman Grace Nguyen said it is a place to share ideas and concepts about the shows they watch.

Members also play games.

She recommends this association to anyone vaguely interested in Anime and meeting new people.

Sophomore Ashe’ Lewis thinks it is a great opportunity for Anime lovers.

“It allows them to share their interests and enjoy that type of art,” said Lewis. “We all have different types of art expression and while for some it may be music, acting or dancing, for others it is Anime.”

Interested students are invited to check out the UDM Anime Facebook page.