Livernois biz strip adds a bookstore

Are you a student looking for a hip indie store to shop for a variety of awesome reads?

Or maybe you are someone who is just looking for a spot in your local Detroit neighborhood to relax and indulge in some contemporary fiction.

Livernois recently added a bookstore called Pages on Livernois.

Located at 19410 Livernois, just north of Outer Drive, Pages offers new books targeted to all audiences, young and old.

Owner Susan Murphy intends for her customers to feel comfortable, and is adding a cafe for readers’ refreshment needs.

Airrica Waters, a University of Detroit Mercy sophomore, recently visited the bookstore

“It is not like what I thought it would be,” she said. “It is kind of unorthodox in a way.”

Pages on Livernois is along the avenue between 7 and 8 mile roads among several fashion outlets.

“I think it is a good spot for the store and I actually bought a book,” said Waters, who noted that she usually does not go to bookstores on whim.

She recommends Pages on Livernois to her peers and to everyone else she comes across.

Mijai Lewis, another University of Detroit Mercy student, thinks that the bookstore is a cool idea but feels the spot has not received enough publicity – admitting that she had not heard about it until asked by a reporter.

She said the store sounded “creative and inventive.”

“Getting the word out about places like this in the city is important because we, as Detroit residents, should be assisting in building our city back up,” Lewis said. “I am happy that a shop such as the bookstore is nearby.”

Lewis plans on going to the store soon with friends.