Ethics bowl meetings Oct. 9, 14

Planning for the 15th Annual Ethics Bowl has already begun with two informational meetings being scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 9 and Tuesday, Oct. 14 from 1-2 pm in Briggs 20.


TV’s College Bowl inspired the Ethics Bowl, but the modified rules adapt the game to the subject of ethics, with a moderator posing questions to teams of three to five students. Questions vary, but include topics such as cheating, dating and free speech. Each team receives a set of ethical issues in advance of the competition and the questions posed to the teams during the competition are taken from that set. A panel of judges, mainly faculty and staff, rates the answers in terms of intelligibility, focus, depth and judgment. No specialized knowledge on ethical theory is required to participate.


Taking place on Oct. 31, the competition is one of the few events during the year that draws participants from virtually every part of UDM. The first-place team has the honor of representing UDM at a regional Ethics Bowl and may go on to compete in the national Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl.


Students who wish to participate in the Ethics Bowl must form a team of three to five members and they must read over the UDM Ethics Bowl Rules. The Ethics Bowl Registration Form can be found on the UDM website as can the list of this year’s Ethics Bowl cases. Any team wishing to participate must attend one of the informational meetings.


For more information, contact Prof. Martin Leever, director of the Ethics Bowl.