Marketing prof. remains loyal to Windy City teams

Michael Bernacchi is a marketing professor at the University of Detroit Mercy who not only provides insights to students in his classes, but to journalists and local television media who often quote him in their stories.

His frequent media appearances make him one of the university’s most visible representatives.

And though he is a big booster of UDM, Bernacchi feels no such loyalty to the city’s sports teams.

Bernacchi is a huge Chicago sports fan, but he actually was not born in the state of Illinois.

He grew up in Kenosha, Wisc., which is right on the border between Illinois and Wisconsin. However, the city is considered part of the metropolitan Chicago area.

“I’m a Chicago guy all the way,” said Bernacchi, who is known for wearing Cubs, Blackhawks, Bulls and Bears apparel while teaching his classes.

Bernacchi completed all of his schooling in the Midwest. He attended Drake University in De Moines, Iowa, for his bachelor and master degrees. At Drake, Bernacchi was a member of the football and wrestling teams.

He pursued a Ph.D at Southern Illinois University, as well as a J.D. graduate degree in law from the then-named University of Detroit.

Aside from sports, he is a very involved family man with seven kids and 15 grandkids.

“My kids are who I am,” Bernacchi said. He also uses sports as a main way to bond with his kids and grandkids.

Bernacchi has been a professor at UDM since 1973. Each year, he educates students in the topics of marketing management, consumer behavior, marketing communications and corporate social responsibility.

His quotes are commonly used in the local media.

“He’s readily available, and he understands the importance of media and has good insight,” said Leonard Kloft, assistant dean of the College of Business Administration. “He has an outgoing personality, and the media are looking for things that play well in terms of what he focuses on.”

His passion to stay up-to-date with current events led Bernacchi to publish a weekly marketing newsletter called “Under the Mike-Roscope.”

Students at UDM notice Bernacchi’s contribution to society, as well.

“Professor Bernacchi does an outstanding job of keeping up with current events,” said Matt Ybarra, a senior business administration major. “Whether something big occurs in the world of business, sports, etc., he is on top of it, researching the moment it happens and ready to discuss its applicability to marketing.”