Minors at UDM can be major


UDM offers 22 minors through the colleges of liberal arts and education, business and engineering.

“A minor supplements whatever you might want to do in grad school or in your future,” said Dr. Victoria Mantzopoulos, associate dean for academic affairs at the College of Liberal Arts and Education (CLAE).

According to Mantzopoulos, CLAE offers the majority of the minors because liberal arts students tend to have more flexibility for electives than other majors.

Last week, UDM hosted its minor’s fair, where students were invited to learn about the various minors offered at the university. Dozens signed up for minors.

Most of UDM’s professional colleges don’t offer enough elective credits for students to do minors. On top of that, many majors at UDM offer so few electives that it is difficult to undertake a minor program.

“More flexible majors allow you to have a minor,” said Mantzopoulos.

According to Mantzopoulos, obtaining a minor can help broaden a student’s focus – although, she added, minors are best for students who wants to focus on two fields of study.

Students who want to sample many different courses would be better off taking many electives, she said.. 

UDM offers many minors that allow the student to double up on their core curriculum, making it more convenient for them to procure a major and minor.

The largest minor at UDM is in leadership.

Dr. Donald DiPaolo and Dr. Kathleen Zimmerman-Oster worked together to form the leadership minor over a year ago.

Today, there are approximately 100 undergraduate students enrolled in the leadership minor.

“No matter where you go, you’re going to have the same degree as someone else,” said Zimmerman-Oster. “The leadership minor will help (students) stand out.”

For more information about minors at UDM, please visit udmercy.edu.


UDM offers minors in these areas:

addiction studies


computer science

creative writing

digital media studies

economics, education


financial economics


Islamic studies




multimedia journalism

museum studies


political science


religious studies

sports communication


women’s and gender studies