Mosul mass will be done in Chaldean rites

The Christians of Mosul who have been targeted by the Islamic extremist group ISIS will be the focus of a mass on campus  Sunday, Nov. 9, at 9 p.m. in St. Ignatius Chapel.

“During July of this year, Iraqi Christians of Mosul and northern villages were forced by … ISIS to convert to Islam, pay a fine or die,” said Sandra Alias of the UDM’s Chaldean American Student Association. “Many Christians and even Muslims resorted to fleeing from their homes with nothing but the clothes on their back and heading north for safety.”

 Alias said the individuals are seeking refugee in surrounding areas like Ankawa and Erbil but need basics like food, shelter and medical supplies.

The campus association is “trying to spread awareness on campus about the tragic events that have happened including a mass dedicated to those who have been persecuted by ISIS,” said Alias.

 For the first time in UDM history, the mass will be done in the Chaldean rite instead of the Roman.

“We are bringing in a Chaldean priest to perform the mass,” said Alias.

To donate to the cause, Alias said students should visit