Carlton Brundidge:

Junior point guard Carlton Brundidge figures to play a significant role in his second full season with the Titans.

After earning all-state honors at Southfield High School, Brundidge – many call him CB – spent his freshman season as a member of the Michigan Wolverines, before transferring to UDM.

He recently made time for an interview.


CB, how do you feel this year after losing so much weight in the offseason?

I feel good. You know, I am a lot faster and a lot quicker. I have a little more lift on my jump shot now, and I honestly feel like a new player.


What were the steps you took to achieve this weight loss?

Just eating right. You know, a lot of the guys when they get hungry, they eat late at night. I told myself, I was not eating past 9:30. … It was just personal victories in a way. When people aren’t looking, I am doing the right things, staying away from pop and keeping a big bottle of water with me all the time.


Regarding this season and your position on the team, how do you think you will fit into this new 10- to 12-man rotation?

I think I will fit perfectly because I give it my all. I want to be the leader I once was in high school. Hopefully, we will make it to the tournament this year, and do good things. I just feel like my role won’t change, as in I’ll still be a point guard (playing) the one spot, making plays for my teammates and helping us win.


How is your relationship with Jarod Williams and Matt Grant, knowing that for the most part, you and specifically Matt are competing for the same minutes?

We don’t even look at it as that. We look at it as giving each other advise. You know, if we see that one of us missed something – when we go to sub or when a timeout comes – we let each other know.


What is it like having the chemistry that you have with (veteran players) Pat Onwenu and Anton Wilson?

It’s been good. I room with Anton on away trips. We just crack jokes and kick it. You know, I have a good feeling of where his hot spot is on the floor and where he likes to catch the ball. And with Pat having played in high school with him, when I give him the ball in the post, I trust him to lay it up or to dunk it and get the momentum going.


CB, how do you feel about all the new additions to the team this year?

They are going to be key, especially if Aaron Foster-Smith gets to play right away. Jaleel (Hogan), he’s a guy that’s real physical. Brandan (Kearney) has those long arms and can shoot. Brandan has what I call the “Izzo” defense with his long arms. And then adding Paris Bass – with his long arms, ability to block shots and ability to play anywhere – I think we are light years better than the team last year.


We have this game coming up with Michigan (Nov. 20). What’s going through your mind right now regarding that game?

Everyone asks me that. For me, it’s just like a regular game. I will tell you that I do really want to win that game, though.


Do you think you’re going to go shake UM Coach Beilein’s hand or do you think you will just ignore him? I know you did not leave on good terms. You have said it, and he has made comments to MGOBLOG regarding your departure.

No, you know, I’m not going to do that because in a way he got me to where I am today. You know he (Beilein) did not know Trey (Burke) was going to be as good as he was. No one knew that. I just take it, use it as motivation and say look at me now. I lost weight and I believe I’m looking real good on the court right now as a result of it.


Are there any guys you played with at UM who are still on the team?

Most of them graduated or went to the NBA, except for Jon Horford, who transferred. However, I did go to camp with some of them, and I know a few from AAU.


What is it going to be like taking the court at UM from the visitors’ locker room?

I know I am going to get a lot of boos.