Titans find their chemistry

By Karic Jones



After sitting out all of last season due to NCAA transfer rules, former Colorado Buffalo and six-foot-seven Detroit product Chris Jenkins is being expected to make an impact right away with the Titans.

Along with the expectation to make an impact right away comes being able to handle some of the scoring load, which shouldn’t be a problem for the University of Detroit Jesuit High School alum in his first year of eligibility with UDM. 

Jenkins sat down for a quick interview with The Varsity News recently.


Why did you transfer to UDM from Colorado?

Jenkins: I was 1,100 miles away from home at Colorado, and wanted to play closer to family and friends.


What caused the six-game losing streak that lasted from Dec. 13 until Jan. 2? 

Jenkins: We had a chemistry issue. I felt like we were all doing our own thing.


How do you like starting versus coming off the bench? 

Jenkins: It really doesn’t matter, as long as I am in the game and helping my team win.


What does the Oakland rivalry mean to you?

Jenkins: I really cherish this rivalry, as it brings out the most in us as a whole university. We weren’t respected by them, as you can see by watching previous interviews given by them. It brings out the most in us.


What is it like coming home and excelling so far like you have? 

Jenkins: It’s a fun process, coming home and playing in front of family and friends.


Who do you think is the best team in college basketball? 

Jenkins: We are.

What team are you the most afraid of in conference?

Jenkins: No one. It’s all about having confidence, and that’s what Detroit basketball is all about.


You are a good student. Do you think you are breaking a stereotype?

Jenkins: Yeah, of course. Teachers here believe in the stereotype and so do students. It’s not just me breaking the stereotype, as some of my teammates are as well.