Netflix Binging

BY Chantel Watkins



Everyone watches Netflix, right?

It’s not uncommon to hear people talking about snuggling up all day and binge-watching movies or a whole series.

Most students at UDM, it seems, spend their nights writing essays, studying or watching Netflix.

It’s hard to find students who haven’t done all three.

Senior Robert Hicks watches Netflix about 3 or 4 days a week.

“I start on one series and burn through it,” he said. “I just found ‘Shameless.’ I just get into a show and burn through it over a month or two or however long it takes."

So does all this binge-watching have consequences?

Unfortunately, yes.

Most students say that it’s a huge distraction and sometimes affects their grades.

“I watch it once every two days,” said Witold Fuchs, a junior. “It's definitely a distraction."

Binge-watching is not limited to students.

With shows like “Orange Is the New Black,” “Taboo,” “Desperate Housewives” and “House of Cards,” everyone can get hypnotized by the unlimited streaming, even UDM employees.

“I binge-watch Netflix at times,” said Tevin Campbell of the athletic department. “I’m just about finished watching ‘Malcolm in the Middle.’ I watched all of the Air Buds. I go back to my childhood."

The beauty of Netflix is that someone can spend hours watching a whole season of “Criminal Minds” and not even notice a whole day has gone by.

But sometimes it can keep you from doing important things, like studying.