VN deadlines prepared ex-editor for job at Ford

BY Jack Walsworth


Former Varsity News editor-in-chief Alice Arutoff, a 2010 UDM grad, is establishing herself with Ford Motor Company.

Arutoff, 27, was a double major, earning a bachelor’s degree in communications studies and English with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies.


When did you get involved with The Varsity News? Why did you join?

I joined The Varsity News my sophomore year while still a nursing student. I was thinking about changing my degree at the time, and thought joining The VN would give me insight into a communications degree.   


Do you have a favorite article or memory from the Varsity News?

My favorite memory would be taking the newspaper digital. It was a lot of work and fun. Creating digital-only content definitely added work, but also added a tremendous opportunity for the staff to grow and attract more students from the university.


What is your position at Ford? How did you end up there? 

Currently, I am communications coordinator for U.S. Recruiting at Ford. I ended up at Ford because of a summer internship. I had several internship opportunities while at UDM, and the one with Ford turned into a career.


What does a day in life entail for you?

I am a firm believer when you work in communications there are no two days that are alike. But a day in the life for me could include reviewing content to be posted socially, analyzing our metrics, brainstorming strategies, creating presentations and enhancing branding.


Obviously the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) is a big deal in Detroit. What’s it like working for one of the Big Three during auto show 

Working at Ford during NAIAS is always crazy, but very rewarding. Ford has made a lot of news at NAIAS the past couple of years, and it takes a lot of work from the team to get ready for the show. But when you see the headlines it makes it all worth it.


How did The Varsity News prepare you for life after college? How did it prepare you for your career?

The VN definitely helped prepare me for life after college. Deadlines are essential in any job. Working on The VN not only helped me meet deadlines, but helped me to better prepare and create deadlines for myself. You can gain a lot of skills working on The VN, but planning is something that will always stay with me.


Why should UDM students get involved with The Varsity News?

Students should get involved with The VN because it’s their chance to do something. Where else on campus can you see your own work printed on a regular basis for others to see? You don't have to be a communications or English student to join the staff. You don’t even have to be a writer. Maybe you draw comics, create info-graphics or are an aspiring photographer. Everyone can find their place at The VN. You also get to make great friends that you will continue to keep in contact with long after college.


Do you visit UDM’s campus often? What do you miss most about the university?

I don’t visit UDM often enough. What I miss most about campus would be the professors. I had a lot of great mentors while at UDM and am very thankful to all of them for helping to guide me to be who and where I am today.