Spring break: time in Hawaii with family wins

In a couple days, I won’t be a lot of things.

I won’t be cold.

I won’t be worrying about classes or homework.

I won’t be going to my internship.

I won’t be in Detroit.

I will be in the air.

I will be over the Pacific Ocean.

I will walk off a plane, let the warm air go by me and let spring break start.

I’m not going to Florida or Mexico or the Caribbean with my friends to partake in spring-break activities, highlighted in last year’s comedy “22 Jump Street” or countless MTV specials.

Rather, I’ll be spending a week with my grandparents, or Nana and Papa as I call them, on the big island of Hawaii.

For several years now, Nana and Papa have traded in their harsh Traverse City winters for the warm comforts of Kona.

And after visiting them there for spring break last year, I can see why they go some 4,500-odd miles each year.

Last year wasn’t my first time in Hawaii. I had gone when I was little but hadn’t been back in quite some time.

Nana and Papa always mentioned that if I wanted to visit them, I was more than welcome.

So after going on alternative spring break during my freshman year, I decided to take them up on their offer. I’m glad I did.

Last year allowed me to better appreciate a whole number of things – from the weather and people to the beauty of travel in general.

Ironically enough, the first three days I was on the island, it rained. Actually, down-poured is the better term.

But it didn’t matter. I was away from all my responsibilities of being a UDM student and I was with my grandparents.

And the funny thing about Hawaii is, even when it’s raining it’s still a breathtaking place to visit.

The rain didn’t take away from the greenness of all the plants and vegetation or the vibrant colors of the flowers. It was still a welcomed change from the dreariness of Michigan’s winters.

Having said that, I’m hoping for better weather this year. But if not, I honestly can’t complain much.

I’m not sure what my Nana and Papa have planned for us to do while I’m there and I’m okay with that.

A week of driving around the island, walking along the beach and just hanging out with them will be enough for me.

Another thing that’ll make this trip even more fun is that my sister is meeting me in Phoenix and then we’re flying together to the big island.

After spending a whole summer in the same general area of Cincinnati while I had my internship, I haven’t seen her often. Obviously, this happens when siblings grow up; we often grow apart in terms of distance.

But for a week it’ll be nice to spend some time together. The fact that we’re going to Hawaii, a place that’s special to my family, makes it all the better.

I know the week will go by quickly and that by the end of it, I won’t want to leave.

I know there are going to be things that I wish I would’ve done, places I could’ve gone or local dishes that I could’ve eaten.

But, then again, that’s a part of traveling.

There’s always those things we wanted to do but never got done.

At the same time, this opens the door for a reason to go back.

Walsworth is VN news editor