Geek Week starts March 30, teams sought




What better way to celebrate the beginning of spring and hopefully some warm weather than participating in Geek Week, a treasure hunting-style game that includes cash prizes?

Geek Week will be held on campus from March 30 to April 2.

Teams of four will work together to solve puzzles, riddles and trivia.

The topics will range from UDM and the College of Engineering to the city of Detroit and just about anything else. 

 “Geek Week is a long-standing tradition in the UDM College of Engineering and Science,” said Prof. Mathew Mio. “Approximately 20 to 25 years ago, it was a ‘Nerd Olympics’ of sorts, involving events planned by CES student organizations. For a while in the early 2000s the event went dormant and was not held.”

In recent years students have had to create Facebook pages and gather likes, sing national anthems, decipher Elvish and bake goods. 

“We have had around 10 teams in previous years, but this year we already have 12 teams signed up,” said Mio.

One aim is to raise awareness of the college and the university.

“Mostly, though, I would say it is a chance for students to have fun before running the gamut of Dead Week and Final Exams,” said Mio.

The top six teams will win cash prizes that total almost $2,000.

This is possible due to the Engineering and Science Student Council, Chemistry Club, Biology Club and Alpha Epsilon Delta SGA grants.

Those interested in participating should contact Prof. Mathew Mio before Friday, March 27, to sign up their groups.

There is a $20 per-team fee, and teams need a name and a captain.

Mio’s office is located in the Chemistry Building Room 221A. He can be phoned at 313-993-1188 or