Season over, Titans rest, reflect




The men’s and women’s basketball teams have wrapped up their seasons.

For the players, as with all student-athletes across UDM’s campus, the end of a sports season brings a mix of feelings.

The men’s team had an overall record of 15-8, making it through the first round of the Horizon League Championship before falling to Cleveland State in the second round.

The women finished 12-18 during the 2014-15 campaign, Autumn Rademacher’s last as head coach of her alma mater.

Both teams made UDM proud through their perseverance, hard work and dedication to the city of Detroit and UDM.

“I think we played great this season,” star freshman guard Darianne Seward said. “We had a much better season than last year, finishing fifth in the conference… In the preseason, everyone thought we were going to be ninth in conference.”

So, what do the teams do now that the season has wrapped up?

“We get a couple of weeks off. Our bodies need to rest,” Detroit’s 6’10” center Patrick Ackerman said. “We need to get away and recoup for a couple of weeks. Then we head back to practice and hit the weight room.”

Recovery time will be essential, according to sophomore Chris Jenkins.

“Most of us were hurt or had some sort of an injury at the end of the season,” Jenkins said. “I was playing on a sprained ankle throughout conferences, so these weeks are key for resting, and then we start preparing for next year.”

At the end of March and throughout into April, both the men’s and women’s basketball teams will be lifting in the weight room and preparing on the court for next year.

The time off may be nice, but being a Division I basketball player is serious business.

This also means that their time commitment to the team continues and goes on throughout the summer months.

“We aren’t required to be on campus for the first summer session; however, for the second summer session, we’re required to be on campus,” Jenkins said. “During the second summer session, we are required to take classes, so that we can work out and stay ahead for preseason.”

Because of the rigorous travel and practice schedule throughout the year, summer classes are essential for staying on track with academics.

The teams also will be evaluating what worked best and how they can improve for next season.

Junior Anton Wilson is already reflecting on the season.

“We all have a great connection,” he said. “We all get along, have a lot of talent and great chemistry. However, we need to make it all bond together, and need to put it all out on the court and use it for next season.”

Wilson added, “We need to make sure all of the chemistry we have is on the court. I think that that was our main downfall this season.”

As for the women, the postseason will entail many changes.

The main change will be the search for a new coach.

“I don’t think a lot is going to stay the same, because of the changes in coaching,” freshman forward Chea Taylor said.

Freshman Darianne Seward shares the sentiment, believing that the Titans will also change the pace of their game, picking up the speed and running more on teams instead of playing a half-court game.

Both teams will be losing key players.

The men will be losing the seniors Juwan Howard Jr. and Brandan Kearney, while the women will be losing Brie Wilcox and Ellisha Crosby.

However, the recruits for next year and the underclassman believe they are ready to step up and face the challenge.