Tuition increasing again, but by lower percentage




Tuition at the University of Detroit Mercy is going up – yet again.

This time, it will be a 3.5 percent increase.

Word came in a mass email sent out over spring break by UDM President Antoine Garibaldi.

He said it is the lowest rate increase in more than 16 years.

Last year’s increase was 3.9 percent, which was then noted to be the lowest rate increase in more than 16 years.

“UDM is committed to providing you with a high quality and affordable education,” Garibaldi wrote in the email. “This year, for example, students received more than $56 million in UDM-financed grants and scholarships.”

The example found on UDM’s website shows that the cost for a full-time freshman living on campus for the 2015-16 academic year will be $47,278. For 2014-15, the cost was $45,640.

Here’s breakdown of some of the cost:

n Cost per credit, 1-11 credit hours (except engineering and architecture, which are higher): $984, up from $951.

n 12-18 credit hours (flat rate per term): $19,313, up from $18,660.

n Residency fee for Shiple Hall, which includes a meal plan (per semester): $4,326, up from $4,160.

n Residency fees, not yet noted, are going up in all Quads as well as Holden Hall.

Garibaldi noted that UDM “has made several improvements to academic programs, technology and facilities” to improve the college experience.

According to Garibaldi, these improvements include a minor in developmental psychology, expansion of the Titan Success Network, completion of the ballroom renovations, renovations to the residence halls and upgraded WIFI in the Chemistry Building.

In comparison, at Oakland University, the total cost for a full-time freshman who lives on campus for 2015-16 will be $22,286 for an in-state student and $35,282 for an out of state student.

Of course, UDM is a private university.