From coneys to all-nighters: sagely advice from seniors

In rapper Asher Roth’s 2009 hit song “I Love College,” a tale of his time at West Chester College in Pennsylvania, Roth, 29, lists all the things he learned in college.

Some of the things Roth raps about are to not “pass out with your shoes on” and to not “sleep with a girl that’s too gone (intoxicated).”

With graduation just around the corner, The VN looked for some seniors to get their advice for the rest of the students that they are leaving behind at the University of Detroit Mercy.

Brendan Barkume, an MBA master’s student and a financial analyst for General Motors, said that the biggest piece of advice is to “always get the nacho cheese on the south of the border fries at Nicky D’s.”

Outside of that, his advice on studying is to use the stacks on the second floor of the library.

“The stacks are quiet and a good place to focus to power through work,” he said.

Emily Gilbert, a graduating biology major, said her best advice is to remember that “the little things that stress us out so much now, won’t matter in five years.”  

Gilbert also added this morbid but telling statement: “Life sucks, then you die.” 

Senior psychology major Rene Bockart’s best advice is to “tell your parents you love them” and to never venture to Nicky D’s past midnight or do venture there at your own risk.

Bockart has met some interesting people at the restaurant after midnight.

The popular coney island that is just a short jog from campus is open 24 hours.

Joe Jordan, a senior philosophy major and UDM’s resident Michael Moore look-a-like, said to “always pursue your goals and to study what you want, even if your family, friends and advisors tell you not to.”

Senior Pantel Tzavellas advised not to let senioritis overtake you and to “finish strong.”

Tzavellas is in his final semester of undergrad on his journey to a law degree.

For outgoing Student Government Association President Rita Paulus, the most important things are to not procrastinate and to get involved.

The incumbent  president’s biggest piece of advice, though, is to “enjoy the four years because they fly by."

Tiara Harvey, Paulus’ second-in-command, adds, do “not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.”

Shawn Carmody’s advice is simple.

First, everything in life is better with a funnel, he said.

Additionally he said that all-nighters are a necessary evil, but to “not make them a habit.”

His final piece of advice is that you can always make time for a drink or two with a friend.

“Study, study, study and don’t make too many mistakes,” senior communication studies major Vito Chirco said. “But when you do make mistakes, be willing to learn from them.”

This senior class has acquired a wealth of knowledge during its time at McNichols and Livernois: from better understanding business and the study of cells to understanding the allegory of the cave.