Seniors: A recap of your four years

Graduating this May after four years at UDM?

Here are some of the highlights that have taken place since your freshman year.



August: The Class of 2015 and President Garibaldi start their first school year at UDM.

September: Ground is broken on the Fitness Center as part of Celebrate Spirit!

December: The Court in Calihan Hall is dedicated to former coach Dick Vitale.



January: Subway opens in The Loft.

March: The Titans win the Horizon League Championship, the first in 13 years, and they advance to the first round of the NCAA tournament.

April: President Garibaldi is inaugurated as UDM’s 25th president.

November: A policy requiring students and staff to wear IDs on campus goes into effect. It, surprisingly, does not catch on.

December: The world is supposed to end on Dec. 21, but miraculously we are still alive.



January: A whistleblower lawsuit is filed against UDM by ex-assistant men’s basketball coach Carlos Briggs.

March: Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio becomes the first Jesuit pope, taking the name Francis.

June: Former Titan basketball player Ray McCallum is drafted by the Sacramento Kings.

August: Renovations take place in Briggs.

September: Students return from summer to find out that their professors may strike due to disagreements over their contracts. A deal is reached in November



January: Snow and frigid temperatures close campus.

March: Students look for answers after a 3.9 percent tuition increase is announced.

September: New smoking rules go into effect across campus.



March: Proposed changes to the core curriculum divide faculty. A final decision will be made later this month.

May 9: The class of 2015 will graduate at 1:30 p.m. in Calihan Hall.