Seniors reflect on personal changes

Four long years of studying, overeating and sleep deprivation are now coming to a glorious finish for the UDM seniors of 2015.

Graduation is nearing and the future awaits!

Melissa Guerra, finishing her bachelor’s in economics and political science, wants to return to her home country, Belize, for further education in hopes of obtaining her master's degree in international relations.

“UDM was my opportunity to encounter and explore what was outside the borders of Belize, and it has been the best journey I have embarked on,” she said. “I have learned how to become independent, to voice my opinion, to be an active listener and to think on a global scale.”

Guerra said she will miss her college experience “because it was where I was exposed to different cultures, people, challenges and circumstances…”

She has changed, she said.

“I lost my former narrow outlook on life, I lost my fear to speak in front of people because I felt intimidated, I lost the doubt I had on myself,” she said. “I lost and I gained at UDM, and I am grateful for it.”

Unlike Guerra, Brooklyn Dow, finishing her bachelor’s degree in science and nursing, plans on staying in Michigan because of her friends and family.

She wants to further her education to become a nurse practitioner/midwife.

“I have had many wonderful opportunities and experiences,” she said. “I will miss my college experience. I have been blessed with wonderful friendships and mentors. I will miss them being close by and seeing them on a regular basis, but I am excited to see how these relationships change and adapt.”

Sarah Cornwell is in the five-year PA program, so she’s finishing up her bachelor’s degree in biology this semester and beginning graduate studies in physician assistant school this fall.

“After graduation from PA school, I hope to serve in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) as a physician assistant,” she said. “I’ve been blessed with a great college experience thus far.

“Being a student in the Catholic Studies program has allowed me to grapple with my spirituality and further embrace what it means to be a young Catholic,” she added. “I've learned so much from the Jesuits and fallen in love with Ignatian Spirituality.”

Maiya Dalton, finishing work on her bachelor’s degree in business, plans to help people, as well, in schools and other educational settings.

“I just started a tutoring company and recently partnered with a school,” Dalton said. “At first, I was going to work in sales, but my purpose is to motivate and develop future generations.”

She said she will miss my college.

“I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people who’ve helped me along the way,” she said.

Every senior has different ambitions but all are headed for the same goal: Success – however they define it.