15 signs you’re a hopeless Titans fan

Basketball season may not be starting until November, but if you’re a Titans basketball fan you’re already thinking about coming campaign.

Not sure you qualify, here are 15 ways to tell you’re a Titans fan:

1. You have a specific seat in Calihan Hall. All the diehard fans have a spot they love to sit in. Some prefer the seat backs, some prefer the lower level. Regardless, every fan has a favorite vantage point.

2. You don’t know the fight song. Let’s face it, no one knows the words, and it’s more than likely time for a new one. (Sorry, Dr. Matt Mio.)

3. You insist that the best Buddy’s Pizza location is along 6 Mile Road.

4. Buddy’s Pizza tastes a lot better after UDM wins. It’s not scientifically proven, but the famous square slices just seem to taste better when they’re free postgame.

5. Sometime last season you wanted coach Ray McCallum fired. You still might want him fired, but after the last few up and down seasons, Titan fans have been highly critical of the now eighth-year head coach.

6. You wish Ray Jr. would have stayed one more year. Ray Michael left us for the NBA after his junior year. Titan fans wonder what could have been if he would have come back.

7. You have been to DetroitTitanhoops.com. All devoted fans are members at the Internet message board.

8. People know you by your username at the Detroit titan hoops message board.

9. You refer to players by their first name always.

10. You have “basketball season friends.” These are the people in your life whose relationship you value – but whom you don’t see during the non-basketball part of the year.

11. You see Valpo as our real rival. We have played more close basketball games with Valpo than any team in recent history.

12. Despite some devoted fans saying the rivalry feels forced, you hate Oakland University with a passion.

13. You’re positive Oakland coach Greg Kampe’s hair is not real.

14. You acknowledge Reggie Hall as the official ambassador of Detroit basketball. The former University of Detroit baseball standout is the friendliest of UDM fans. You, like many, go out of your way to run into Reggie.

15. You were at the game when Detroit won the Horizon League tournament. You witnessed the magic live. If you were not there, you had a damn good reason. You know the stats from that game and it plays over in your head when you think about it.