Food changes reflect aim to be more pleasing, says Sodexo boss

Has anyone noticed the Starbucks in UDM’s Library? Or the new set up of the concession stand in the library?

Sodexo has made many changes on campus.

It has not been a secret that many students have had problems with food options on campus, but this year will be different, promises Randy Fowler, the new general manager of Sodexo, which runs most food services at UDM, including the Titan Dining Room.

“We’ve reworked the menu and we actually interfaced with a lot of students during our food committee meetings last year … and a lot of those concerns were brought up,” said Fowler.

He hopes that this year the students will consistently give feedback about their experiences with Sodexo.

“The thing were looking for this year from the student body is just to communicate openly with us so that we can resolve those issues,” he said. “If you talk to us openly, then there are things we can do. But if we don’t know and if they’re not talking to us, then that’s a challenge, and that’s why we established the Food Committee last year.”

He said Sodexo also wants more involvement from Student Life. The focus this year, he said, is for Sodexo and UDM Services to build a stronger team spirit with UDM students.

“Based on the feedback we got out of the Food Committee meeting last year and the comments we did receive, we have modified the menu this year, and so far we haven’t gotten a lot of negative feedback,” he said.

One difference is that there will be a new menu every week for five weeks. Fowler is planning to bring guest restaurants to UDM, too; he is just working out some contracts first.

“A Middle-Eastern restaurant will be here on Sept. 24, and the food is going to be served out of the Loft where the Starbucks used to be,” said Fowler.

He also stated that UDM Sodexo is working with three other guest restaurants. 

“We were working with three other vendors, one of them was a pizza place. We’re working with an Asian vendor for Chinese food, and we’re also working with a sushi vendor,” said Fowler.