Life’s struggles can be overcome

Motivation, inspiration and self empowerment are fundamentally essential to one’s success.

Life presents many struggles in the wake of our existence. My oppositions, burdens and overall attitude and perspective on life are what drove me towards my failures and success.

“He who says he can and he who says he can't are both usually right.” – Confucius.

My childhood had me facing a life with a younger sibling bound to a wheelchair, a life of watching my blood suffering everyday of his life. A mental attitude, emotional distress and strong social anxiety were all my enemies.

Today, I stand strong and confident with my own identity. No matter what situation, individual or scrutiny is uprooted I am who I am.

Frail relationships, broken relationships, and tough crowds, as well as emotional frailty – I was led down the path of alcohol and substance abuse from the ages of 14 to 22. However, I confidently and proudly profess that I am almost three years sober.

My son was brought into the world when I was only 20 years of age. My daughter came into the world when I was only 21 years of age, under the most intense of circumstances.

The world around me had shifted: I became a man, a leader, a father.

“I’d rather live the life of do as I do than as I say.” – Nick Kukich.

The ideal of self and true unconditional love came into light. I held this idea with tremendous devotion. 

Financial struggles, disorganization and living situations lead me to this question, “What am I doing?” 

A careful self-analysis, evaluation of my current position and job and potential career goals. After countless hours of motivational books, audio and video exploration my “why” came into existence.

“If I know my why, than any how is possible.” – Les Brown.

I discovered if my life has direction, purpose and, above all, goals, I can find my way towards who I am to become.

Here I stand a full-time loving father, three years sober, working a full-time job, invested in full-time college.

My why has directed me to become a published author, strong business owner and investor, owner and community organizer and, finally, a successful psychologist.

Anybody reading this – regardless of age, circumstances or issues – can overcome, can find their why and, thus, traverse any how.

“Aim for the moon, cause even if you miss you’ll still be among the stars.” – Les Brown.


Kukich is a UDM student