Fall break provides time to study, relax

The first break is fast approaching, and UDM students are eagerly awaiting their chance to relax after several weeks of school.

The break means there will be no classes next Monday or Tuesday, Oct. 12-13.

UDM junior Mona Hammoud will be going to a haunted house with a few friends.

“We haven’t planned a lot of things to do, but we’re going to meet here (UDM) and go to Erabis,” said Hammoud.

A biology major, she also has studying on her to-do list for this upcoming break.

“Midterms are coming up. I have to study for organic chemistry and ecology,” she said.

Nursing major Kelsey Baehr has quite different plans.

“I plan on relaxing and not doing homework and catching up on things I’ve been meaning to do at home and just bumming around basically,” she said with a chuckle.

Mechanical engineering major Ben de Luna will take it as it comes.

“For fall break I don’t plan on doing much, just sleeping in definitely, but also getting caught up in my classes, like for Calc 2, my engineering classes and I guess my technical writing class,” he said.

Freshman Paulina Torres is also a mechanical engineer major.

“I’ll be studying for my pre-calculus class – that has me pretty occupied – and chemistry,” she said.

CIS major Paul Rogers plans do papers during break.

“I’ll be doing a paper for an English class and a reflection paper for environmental science and then the third one is for my history class,” Rogers said.

Rogers also will spend time with family.

“I might go to the cider mill, get some cider and donuts with my family,” he said. “We usually try to get to the cider mill as soon as it opens. It’s a family tradition.”

Sophomore Patrina Allor has similar ideas.

“I will probably go to the cider mill or go to my friend’s condo and probably go home for a day,” she said.