Finally in upperclass: Years mark changes to campus, maturity

“Go Titans!” – Who doesn’t get tired of hearing that?

But none of that matters because junior year has finally arrived. I am now an official upperclassman and it’s about time.

Three years at the University of Detroit Mercy (UDM) have been the most amazing yet stressful years of my life.

From failed classes to my very first love, I’ve definitely come a long way since freshman year.

Not only have I matured as a person, but in my relationships, as well. I’ve became friends with all kinds of people and have developed lifelong relationships with advisors and professors.

And I know this because when I see them on campus I greet them like we’ve known each other for years, unlike other professors where I barely make eye contact.

As I’ve seen my relationships improve, I’ve also seen campus improve tremendously.

Campus is more handicap friendly and overall better for students – and not just young students.

When I meet those students, it gives me great joy to get to know them and hear their stories about why they’re at UDM.

To learn that they have children and spouses and that school is only a mere fraction of their daily life, I realize how fortunate I am. I’m an average student to say the least, but most people aren’t even given this opportunity in their life.

The fact that I’m in college full-time, on a scholarship and heavily involved on campus is more than I could ask for. I’m just so grateful for the relationship I’ve developed with my academic advisor, with some of my professors and fellow students.

Plus, being a part of the Student Programming Board and The Varsity News is just icing on the cake.

I couldn’t be more proud of myself for making it this far, and I have so many wonderful people to thank.

So, I have one and a half years left – hopefully. Let’s be honest: Nobody wants to be in school forever, but, no matter what, I will always be a Titan for life.