Freshmen adjust to UDM classes, dorm life

For freshmen, the first months of the new year bring many decisions and adjustments.

Whether to live on campus is one of them.

“Oh yeah, I had to live on campus. My brother is so annoying,” said freshman Eryn Hearns.

She could have lived back home in Farmington Hills but chose the dorms.

“Only thing I don’t like is how campus is so dead on the weekends,” said Hearns, a biochemistry major in the pre-med program.

Hearns hopes to be a pediatrician but has a long way to go in her academics.

“Things are just now getting hectic, like all of my homework is starting to catch up with me,” she said.

Unlike Hearns, Deja Lee is a part of the large number of commuters at UDM.

A freshman and in the pre-dental program, Lee hopes to become either a dentist or an orthodontist.

UDM was her second choice.

“I only applied to here and Howard University and I didn’t get into their pre-dental program,” she said. “So here I am.”

The best thing about school so far?

“I just like how most of my classes are small and the school is just small period,” she said. “I’ve been going to Catholic schools all my life so I’m used to it.”

Freshman Relicious Eboh agrees in part.

“I like the small classes, too,” she said. “I just wish the school had more diversity. When I first visited the school, they always talked about how diverse campus was and then it wasn’t until classes started that I see it really isn’t. I barely see any black people on campus.”

Eboh, a biology major and pre-dental, is a part of REBUILD Detroit, a program for undergraduate minorities interested in pursuing academic, research or industry careers in biomedical, behavioral, clinical or social sciences.

All three students said their math class was their most difficult.

“We all have the same math class but I just think we haven’t gotten used to the professor’s teaching style yet,” said Hearns.

“And you know what else, I never studied in high school, so having to do it in college is definitely an adjustment,” said Lee.