McFolley, Blackshear teammates in high school, now as freshman Titans

Why did you choose Detroit?

McFolley: The team treated me like family. Coach Mac (Ray McCallum) has had players in the NBA and overseas. I also wanted to be close to home.

Blackshear: Me and Josh wanted to play together so I thought Detroit the best fit and I committed. It’s close to home and I thought it would be a good place to grow. At the time, I had an offer from VMI but interest from Iowa and TCU.

McFolley: Yeah, over the summer we decided that we wanted to be a package deal after playing AAU and high school together.


You played in the MAC and the PSL in high school. What was the difference?

McFolley: In the MAC, the teams seem more balanced from top to bottom of the conference, but in the PSL the crowds were bigger and the players were more athletic.

Blackshear: The PSL kids played harder … and it’s people from the city so they get rowdy. They are all good people, though.


The backcourt here in Detroit is crowded, Josh. What are you going to do to show the coaching staff that you should be the starting point guard?

McFolley: I am going to do the best I can and play Josh McFolley basketball.


What is Josh Mcfolley basketball?

McFolley: Just going out and having fun and playing hard.


Gerald, do you think you will get playing time as a freshman?

Blackshear: Yes, I am confident that I will get playing time. Josh and myself are going to play hard and earn time.


Where do you see yourself fitting in on the team?

Blackshear: I just want to get on the floor, play hard and do what coach says.


What do you think about the Oakland rivalry?

Blackshear: I am excited. You know everyone says around school that you have to beat Oakland. I don’t know anyone from that team but I know I have to take this game extra seriously because they are rivals.

McFolley: I am very excited. I get to play versus my old teammate, K. Felder.


We have had a hard time shutting down K. Felder. Can you be the one to shut him down?

McFolley: Yes, I think I can be that guy. I want to be that guy.