College choices hinge on personal factors

What college should I attend? Should I go online or attend on campus?

There are so many questions when the subject of college comes up.

The variety from which to choose does not make the decision easier.

However, these things were of no relevance to Harout Wartersian.

Wartersian, a sophomore, knew he wanted to come to University of Detroit Mercy.

“It was my only choice when deciding on a school,” he said. “I liked that the college was private. I came from a private preparatory high school, so it was important to me to attend a private college.”

He never considered online classes. They seemed too impersonal, not allowing face-to-face personal contact with instructors and other students.

He likes being among other students and faculty and feels it plays a great part in his success as a student.

There are students who choose to go to school online.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

The University of Detroit Mercy offers classes online, and the University of Phoenix, Walsh College, Siena College and others offer entire programs online.

Joya Washington, president and owner of Michigan Guardian Services, found after attending Sienna College on campus for two years, it was more feasible to finish her bachelor’s degree through an online program.

With her busy schedule, Washington found going online gave her the opportunity to both run her business effectively and further her education.

After writing her thesis about life lessons and running her own business, Washington received her bachelor’s degree in business from Siena College.

For Brandon Edwards, a full-time job was the deciding factor that pushed him to go to school online.

Edwards received his bachelor’s degree in business at University of Phoenix, and is currently a student at Walsh College pursuing his master’s degree in business.

“I like the fact they offer hybrid classes,” he said. Hybrid classes are made up of both on-campus class lectures and online course materials.

The disadvantages to going to school online?

“The students having no personal contact with the instructors,” he said. “That is the disadvantage. Emails are not always a good source of communication.”

He feels that because the instructors who teach online and on campus are often the same that the education is similar, as well.

Getting an education can be a gift given to self. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

Mark Twain is quoted as having said, “I never let school interfere with my education.”

This should be the mantra of all students.

Never let where you go to school, or how you go to school, be the reason you do not get an education.