Freshman Gibson has Detroit roots

Jalen Gibson is one of three freshmen on the men’s basketball team.

Continuing with his “entrance interview” series on incoming Titans, VN sports writer Karic Jones sat down with Gibson.


Jalen, you played at River Rouge. Are you from there or did you move to River Rouge for high school?

I am from the Detroit area and I went to River Rouge since seventh grade.


Who else recruited you besides Detroit ?

Green Bay, Cleveland State and I had some interest from other schools but no offers.


Why did you chose Detroit ?

It was close to home. My parents could come watch me play easily and the coaches made me feel like I was family.


Who did you play AAU for?

Michigan Mustangs.


What was your best experience playing high school basketball?

Playing some of the really talented high-major guys showed me what I have to do to be successful.


You play a high school teammate in LaMonta Stone this year when you play Eastern. How big will that be for you?

It’s a real big. It will be a highlight. I look forward to looking across the court and seeing a friendly face. It’s also good because I know his game. I really want to beat him, though.


Talk about the Oakland rivalry. How excited are you to be a part of that?

I am excited. I played versus Kahlil Felder in high school. He was not as good then as he is now, so playing him again should be a challenge.