On the road: First bus trip of season a learning experience

The season has been extremely busy so far with having morning film, practice and weights, as well as practice in the afternoon. 

It has been tiring going up against your teammates and the same guys over and over again. 

This weekend we played in Chicago against DePaul University. This was a great learning experience for the team to go against a Big East opponent while still preparing for our season. 

It was a great experience for our younger guys to get accustomed to life on the road while still having to worry about classes. 

We practiced Friday morning before our classes started. This was more of a review day to prep us for our scrimmage against DePaul on Saturday.

After a full day of classes, we got onto the bus and left for Chicago at 2 p.m.

Bus rides can be long but at the same time helpful. While on the bus there are many things that can keep you busy.

 Looking at more film or the scouting report to prep more for the upcoming game, catching up on sleep, working on homework or just relaxing and bonding as a team are all things that occur on the bus ride. 

On this particular bus ride I was able to catch up on some sleep. But I also got a good amount of homework done as well, since it was a five-hour ride. 

We arrived at the Embassy Suites in downtown Chicago around 6 p.m. After unloading our luggage and getting to our rooms, we then had dinner at 6:30 p.m. We always eat well on the road with mostly salad, pasta, chicken and fruit. 

After dinner, we relaxed for a couple hours in our rooms then at 9:15 we met one final time to go over the scouting report on DePaul. This consisted of reviewing their plays and personnel.  

This is a very important portion of the trip because it helps with preparing us for our game. After the team meeting, it was off to bed.

With a 7:30 a.m. wakeup call and 8 breakfast, it was a quick and early morning. We left for the arena from the hotel at 8:45, getting to the arena around 9. 

Once at the arena we got taped, changed, stretched and began to warmup. Around 10, we began the scrimmage.

Afterward, we talked as a team, showered, changed and got ready to get back on the bus and head home. 

We got deep dish pizza, which is famous in Chicago, so that was a cool surprise for us after the game. 

On the bus ride home, it was laughing and joking with the guys and, of course, a nap or two. 

Overall it was a great first trip of the season and we’re looking forward to many more.


Bass is a VN staff writer and Titan team member