Renovation doubles size of Grounds

Have you seen Grounds Coffeehouse this year?

Umm, if you haven’t, you should definitely make your way to the basement of the student union and see for yourself.

Many events for student organizations are held there.

The Student Programming Board (SPB) has weekly meetings in Grounds as does the Muslim Student Organization and Anime Enthusiast Association.

SPB has an event down there every week, sometimes twice a week, whether it be a movie night or hypnosis.

Something is always going on.

Renovations for Grounds began at the end of 2015 winter term and were to be completed by the beginning of fall term in August.

Adam Hollman, supervisor of Grounds, said he’s very pleased with the results.

“I really like the extra space we have now,” he said. “We’ve increased our capacity from holding 100 people to about 220 now, so that’s great for events.”

Grounds now is also compliant with the American Disabilities Act, with the new ramp and elevator access. 

Due to the larger amount of space in the coffeehouse, it has garnered more attention from student organizations and is an ideal location for the University of Detroit Mercy (UDM) Theatre Company.

“Yeah, we’re really looking forward to hosting more events with UDM Theatre Company. They bring us so much business,” said Hollman.

Senior Chris Phillips is sales manager of Grounds. He loves the new improvements to the coffeehouse.

“I used to be events manager of Grounds and so when I saw how much better it was, I was blown away,” he said.

Phillips is also treasurer of Anime Club, which usually meets in Grounds on Fridays around 5 or 6 p.m.

“Because Grounds is so much bigger now, I really want to do like a club night,” Phillips said. “Maybe have an R&B or EDM night and students can just come to relax and unwind.”

Grounds is located in the basement of the union.