Stressed? Music, exercise, peace can help

Feeling stressed?

At UDM’s annual health fair Oct. 27 in the Fountain Lounge, Annamaria Silveri, director of the Wellness Center, and counselor Marjorie Lang were among those providing advice.

Occupying two tables, they handed out flyers and business cards, and offered visits to students who may be experiencing pressure and stress due to school, home and extracurricular activities.

Among their helpful tips: work out, get a massage, listen to music and create a living space that is peaceful, comfortable and to your liking.

This year’s fair offered flu shots, tons of health information and even chiropractic massages for that post-midterm tension.

The event also provided an array food, including Hungry Howie’s pizza, chicken and tuna salad sandwiches, and fruits and veggies.

The Wellness Center gave students with tips and tidbits about improving body image, dating violence, drinking, sexual activity and more.

Students got a look at how having a healthy lifestyle can positively influence behaviors and attitudes about school, home and other aspects of students’ lives.

Jessica Nguyen, a second-year biology student, said she has found a way for her to relax after a long day of class and work: “Go home, grab some food and escape to my room,” she said. “That’s the only place in my whole house that I find complete serenity and isolation. I love my room.”

Her friend Alushy Khater has a different approach.

“I don’t really work out but I do like celery and carrots,” he said. “Does that count?”

He added, “I don’t know but I’ve visited the health tables and they gave me some information to help with my lack of motivation to work out. … Maybe it’ll work. I’m willing to try.”