Ups, downs with temp. McNichols entrance

A new McNichols entrance is under construction and expected to be finished for the start of winter semester.

The entrance closed in October.

The temporary McNichols entrance is located toward Fairfield near the multi-purpose athletic field.

Commuters are still getting used to the temporary entrance. Some are having a harder time than others.

Senior Chris Phillips said the temporary entrance is convenient because there’s not a big line to get into the school.

“You can get in the university much faster,” said Phillips. “They (UDM police) don’t really stop you. You can just keep going.”

Phillips did note one slight inconvenience at the temporary exit.

There is no light there, so cars can only turn right when leaving.

“That’s an inconvenience for me, because I need to go left towards Livernois to get on Eight Mile,” said Phillips.

UDM student Paul Rogers described the temporary entrance as inconvenient.

“When they first started it, I wasn’t ready for the change,” said Rogers.

The first time he realized the McNichols entrance was closed he was irritated and went to the Livernois entrance, which made him late or class.

“Come to find out they’ve opened up a temporary entrance farther down (McNichols), but there’s no sign leading to that. Only if you go far enough, you can see the sign,” said Rogers.

Rogers has been late to a few classes because of the renovations, he said.

“I’ve been late to my environmental science class, as well as my English class that’s in Briggs, and it’s annoying. I can’t deal with it,” said Rogers.

UDM officials did alert students and staff of the change by email.

David Barton, a computer information major, has been impacted, too.

“For me, it’s a big inconvenience, especially on the weekends, because normally the Lodge is closed off so I always take 75, which is based off of McNichols,” said Barton.

Barton didn’t know about the temporary entrance, because he never noticed the temporary entrance sign.

“I always go to Livernois now to get in the school,” he said.

When construction is complete, the new entrance will be more elaborate and decorative. It also will include two lanes: one for cars with permits, one for guests.