Winter registration begins next week, time to plan classes

UDM students may still be adjusting to the fall semester, but registration for winter and summer semesters is just around the corner and class options are being explored.

Junior Austin Luokkala switched from a business major to communications studies.

“I’ll take a few communications classes,” he said. “I haven’t looked too much into it yet, but maybe I’ll take the music production class.”

Psychology major Maia Cook is not yet planning her winter schedule.

She is too focused on this semester to worry about the next one.

“I normally go to (advisor) Ms. Kathleen (Walker) and she helps me pick out the courses that are best for me,” Cook said. “She recommends certain instructors, and I just go with what she says, because she knows best.”

CIS Major Ben Bordeau definitely has plans for next semester.

But first he has to pay the rest of his tuition because there's a lock on his UDM account.

Other than that he is ahead in his courses.

“I’m a little bit ahead right now with my classes,” he said. “My minor is religious studies, so I need three more classes in that, and I need five more computer classes. I have three more semesters to go, so I’ll have to drop it down to four classes next semester.

“I have to take an ethics class, so I’ll probably end up taking one religious studies class, one ethics and the rest for my major,” said Bordeau, who took college courses while in high school.

He plans on taking graduate classes the semester after the next.

Biology major Myron Hampton has a busy schedule planned for winter. He will be working three jobs, participating in two university organizations and, of course, be a full time student.

“I’ll take physics, probably bio-chem II, intermediate Korean and one of the other objectives that’s required for everyone else,” said Hampton.

Registration begins next Monday, Nov. 9.