Last week of pure practice puts focus on team, school

This last week was the last we had of just practice on our schedule. 

As of Monday, the season has opened. 

Coming up, we will be having at least two games a week if not more.

And so what did we do the last full week of practice in order to prepare? 

This week we focused on ourselves a lot, and went over a couple more new offensive plays before our season officially kicks off.

We also put in some new defensive plays that could help us a lot in the long run. 

On Sunday, Nov. 8, we started the week with film from what we have done over the past few weeks.

On Monday and Thursday, we got the day off to focus on school and help recover from all of the hard practices we’ve had.

Players had a chance to get treatment if needed from any bruises or injuries that occurred in practice, and if not we just got to relax for a day.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, we got after it. But also while going hard, we got to go over new plays or even plays we brought back from last year.

Overall, this past week was a good learning experience for everyone, coaches and all. We got to see what our chemistry was like as a team going into our first game on Monday.

All in all, I would say we are very connected as one and we are ready for whatever the Horizon League throws our way.

Although we’re young, the guys on this team are very talented.

This year’s team picks up plays and everything the coaches throw at them very well, and because of that it makes us an even stronger team.