The list: roomie, girlfriend, you…

We all have things big and small to be thankful for in our lives.

Here’s what I’m thankful for:

  • First and foremost, Mom and Dad. My parents have stayed together for 27 years and counting and shown me what true love looks like. They’ve supported me every step of the way through college and even though I moved away, their constant love and support makes me feel that we don’t live five hours from each other.
  • My sister Anna for being a role model and being the big sister that I always needed. This was especially true when I spent a summer in Cincinnati for an internship and she lived only 10 minutes away. Without her, that summer wouldn’t have been so memorable.
  • The fact that my grandparents are still in my life. I have too many friends who no longer have grandparents and while my one grandfather has passed on, being able to call them and seeing them many times throughout the year is something I don’t take for granted.
  • The high school education I received at Marmion Academy. I am a firm believer that, next to my family, Marmion is responsible for settin me up for success. No high school is perfect, but Marmion damn near is.
  • My roommate of four years, Michael. If we wouldn’t have been assigned to each other in Shiple freshman year, I’m not sure I would still be at UDM. He’s opened so many doors for me, including introducing me to my fraternity. And while he joined a different fraternity, I’ve always thought our relationship was bigger than Greek Life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Michael’s family. Many times I’ve gone home with Michael on the weekends and they’ve brought me in like one of their own. I really didn’t feel homesick my freshman year because I had another family to go to. His parents have brought us God knows how much food. I can’t thank them enough.
  • My other roommate, Tim, who is Michael’s older brother and one of my fraternity brothers. Living with a dental student has shown me where hard work and determination puts you in life. I’m grateful for living with him and Michael.
  • Phi Kappa Theta, my fraternity. Before college, I never thought about joining a fraternity but I know today that I’m better off because I’m a brother. My fraternity is a family to me – one that can be loud and doesn’t always get along – but I know that I’ll be forever home when I step foot in the house on Fairfield Street.
  • Big brother Vinnie, who taught me what it means to be a Phi Kap and has been there for me no matter what. He’s the definition of a brother.
  • Sarah, my girlfriend. She can drive me crazy at times but our relationship is one of the things I value most.
  • The College Liberal Arts and Education, but especially the English Department and Communications Studies Department. The classes I’ve taken have made me not only think but also become a better student, writer and person.
  • Professors Tom Stanton and Nick Rombes, who are my academic advisors. They’ve gone above and beyond in making sure that I’m getting the right experience in terms of classes and have made sure that I was on the right track here.
  • The internships I’ve had over the years and the great staffs that I’ve worked with in newsrooms in Cincinnati, Detroit and Ann Arbor. They have given me real world experience, taught me more than I could’ve imagined and challenged me but also confirmed that I’m aiming for the right career.
  • Detroit. This city has opened my eyes to new ideas, cultures and brought me many life lessons. Detroit is a special place and my four years here have shown me just that.
  • And you, too, reader, whoever you are, for picking up a copy of the VN and reading this column.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


Walsworth is VN editor-in-chief