As weeks pass, new resolutions fall victim

Tis the season to abandon your New Year’s resolutions – if you even made them.

Once a long time ago, it was exciting to make a new year’s resolution and set goals and fulfill them.

For many, that time has come and gone.

Matt Northcott, an architect sophomore, didn't make any resolutions this year. 

However, he has made them is the past, such as the all-too-common “eat healthier” pledge.

So has Rebecca Kennelly, a communications major.

However some have made goals and have taken a little longer than a year to fulfill, but are still striving to complete them – like Javon Holland, a digital media studies junior, whose goal is to get a new car and move out on his own.

Has this generation completely given up on truly pursuing resolutions?

Not Stevie Jones, a history junior. He did make a resolution and is still striving to hold on to it, staying focused and not procrastinating.

As much, anyway.