Public Safety to train for active shooter on campus

Do not be frightened if you hear the sound of gunshots and see armed officers on the McNichols campus over the next couple weeks.

The Department of Public Safety is partnering with the Detroit Police Department for an active shooter training starting Feb. 1 in Briggs Building and Reno Hall.

The two-week exercise will bring several law enforcement agencies to UDM for training on how to deal with an active shooter on campus.

The drill portion of the exercise will take place in Reno Hall. 

“Do not be alarmed,” said Public Safety Chief Letitia Williams. “DPD Professional Training Division has ensured the appropriate safety precautions (will be) taken.”

Live ammunition will not be used in the drills.

For safety, students are asked to remain out of the east stairwell and the third floor of Reno during this time.

If you have concerns that you need to report, call the Public Safety 24-Hour Control Center at (313) 993-1234.