Busy UDM weekend: Valentine’s homecoming

Love is in the air this week on the McNichols campus – and, oh yeah, it’s homecoming, too.

At least that’s how it feels for some students as both Valentine’s Day and homecoming approaches.

Junior Blair White isn’t even thinking about the bonfire or the game this weekend, her mind is on one thing.

“How am I supposed to be in the Titan spirit when all I can think about is the diamond necklace my boyfriend’s going to give me on Saturday night?” said White.

White said she doesn’t know for sure whether her beau is getting her a diamond for the special day but she sure hopes so.

“A girl can dream, right?” she said.

With homecoming pushed back to February this year, it has to compete with the lovey-dovey holiday and maybe not for the better.

Junior Vershay Burks agrees.

“Casino Night is fun and all, but I’m ready for my boyfriend and what he has planned for this weekend,” she said.

Casino Night isn’t the only homecoming event occurring this week but the office of Student Life is hosting a banner contest for student organizations as well as a Flint water drive.

The Flint drive will take place during the bonfire on Friday and whichever student organization brings in the most water or supplies will win money for the organization.

Students can also donate and get a free t-shirt.

And, yes, the bonfire is back on and ready for a go.

(It was postponed prior to the Oakland University weekend because of rain and an unrelated fire in the student center.)

Despite those little mishaps, Student Life Director Drew Peters said the bonfire is going to happen on Friday, Feb. 12, without a doubt.

“You know, we had the accident last month and that kind of set us back. But after a lot of planning we’re going to make this bonfire a success,” he said.

Regardless of whether Valentine’s Day overshadows homecoming – or the opposite – this will be a busy weekend on the McNichols campus.