One rocking eatery

I lived on campus for the better part of four years.

Over that time, I went off campus to eat way too often.

Instead of just going to chain restaurants, I have often found looked for hidden gems across the city and southern Oakland County.

On Monday I tried a restaurant I had wanted to try for over a year.

Rock City Eatery is currently located on Joseph Campau in Hamtramck. It will be there until the end of the month, when it moves to Midtown because its lease is up.  

The menu has a little something for everyone.

Whether you’re part of the “foodie” crowd or just a picky eater, there is no way you can go wrong at this joint.

Start with the front window of the restaurant.

It has the words, “Booze, Food, Pie!”

Keeping those words in mind, I tried just those things. 

The beer list was really extensive for such a small place.

If you like to have a few Michigan beers with your dinner, this is a good choice.

I went with one of my personal favorites, Keweenaw Brewing Company’s “Pick Axe Blonde.”

For dinner, I was torn.

Even though I was temped by the cream of ramen, I went with the mac and cheese, a dish that is regularly featured.

It came to my table in an editable bowl made of fried adagio cheese.

The pasta itself had a cheese sauce that was beyond wonderful and featured a melody of flavors.

The final part of this meal was by far the best: the pie.

I had the candy bar pie, which was eight different kinds of candy bars melted down and baked in a cookie crust.  It was some of the best pie I’ve ever had.  

Rock City has great food and drinks at a good price.

My meal was $16 without the tip.

Rock City has found a spot somewhere between foodie and food.

It’s a place everyone can enjoy.

Even though Rock City Eatery is moving to Midtown, its sister restaurant, “Campau Tower,” will remain in Hamtramck offering hamburgers, hot dogs and other diner far.

And it’s just as close to campus as Ferndale.