Students find Fitness Center a stress refuge

Do you need something to fill your time between classes?

Looking to blow off some steam from long hours of studying?

The UDM Student Fitness Center is the perfect place.

For college students, managing the time needed for studying, having a social life and maintaining a desired appearance can be extremely difficult.

With that being said, it is crucial to take advantage of the Student Fitness Center while attending the University of Detroit Mercy.

The Student Fitness Center offers everything needed to stay in great shape or drop those unwanted pounds, all for an affordable price of zero dollars and zero cents.

Unlike most gyms, the fitness center does not charge students who choose to workout there, thus eliminating the potential argument of not wanting to pay for a gym membership.

Frequent Fitness Center visitor Alexander Mendonca is a believer.

“I like going there because it is right on campus and easily accessible wherever I am,” he said. “It offers everything I need to stay in shape.”

It does, indeed, from cardio machines such as treadmills, ellipticals and rowing machines to a variety of strength machines. The fitness center has most of what you might be looking for.

The center also offers opportunities that go unnoticed by much of the student population.

Like programming, noted center employee Ellyn Nedwicki.

“Beyond the facility and everything it offers, we have been running programs throughout the year to give students a chance to be active off campus,” she said. “Earlier this year we did a kayaking trip on the Detroit River. We’ve done adventure ropes courses, glow in the dark skating and more.”

The center also features a sitting area with Wi-Fi access for getting homework done.

There’s also Tommy’s Smoothies & Snacks.

The cafe has smoothie supplements that can improve blood circulation, elevate mood and increase energy. Snacks include Kind bars, trail mix and pretzels.

Intramural sports and classes for all fitness levels meet Monday through Thursday.

Most classes occur in the evening, and last either a half hour or an hour.

For more information, stop in the fitness center, check its website or call (313) 993-1783.