Valentine’s Day: Drake, daiquiris and chocolate

Valentine’s Day, what’s that?

This weekend, millions of single people around the country will stay in and reap the precious joys of Valentine’s Day, myself included.

We will watch romantic comedies on Netflix, eat an insane amount of Hershey kisses and sip frozen daiquiris because we’re single. 

We don’t have to worry about buying a gift for that special someone or figuring out what kind of roses would be best because we’re single.

We don’t have to get dressed up on Saturday night or set reservations at some cute little Italian restaurant because, you guessed it, we’re single.

And you know what, when you think about it, we’re the lucky ones because all that money spent at that restaurant or on the Burberry cologne for him will instead go to the discounted Valentine’s Day chocolate at Walmart on Monday.

So, you can have your little roses and vanilla-scented candles and listen to all the Marvin Gaye that you want because I don’t care.

I will turn on some Drake, eat my chocolate, sip my drink and love my damn self.

And you know why, because I’m single on Valentine’s Day!

McKay is VN features editor