Intramural basketball playoffs being held this week

The intramural basketball playoffs are underway this week at UDM.

Heading into competition, the leaders were Indirect Vision in Division 1 and Strictly Buckets in Division 2. Both teams had undefeated 4-0 records prior to the start of playoffs.

For many, intramural sports are an escape from daily stresses such as schoolwork. They offer an outlet for fun and enjoyment, while also providing a healthy supply of competition. 

For ex-athletes who aren’t able to play at the collegiate level, intramural sports often represent the next best thing.

“It gives an opportunity to play an organized team game with some of the guys I am close with on campus,” said freshman nursing student James Hogg. 

Friends play with each other and maybe even some strangers, and in the process widen their circles and create more friendships through the game. 

Motivations aside, intramural sports are a great way to allow students to interact freely with one another outside the classroom.

Personally, I can relate to the idea of using sports as a healthy outlet because I have done it my whole life. 

Whether it’s shooting hoops in the driveway or tossing around a baseball with a friend, it has always been a reliable source of venting. 

I realize that it is not true for everyone, but this is a primary motivation for many people who choose to participate in intramural sports. It goes beyond the game and the will to beat another competitor, but rather it’s something so much more. 

Whether it’s intramural sports or just sports in general, what sports can do for one’s peace of mind go beyond the court.