Efforts in Flint water crisis leave impact on Titans




We all have had experiences that we may never forget.

Some experiences might be good; some might be bad. But you tend to never forget the experiences that teach you a life lesson.

The recent on-going water crisis in Flint has garnered a lot of national support.

The Flint water crisis involves drinking water contamination that started in April 2014.

After Flint changed its water source, it lead to a catastrophic event: lead poisoning and a serious public health danger. 

That’s when the Detroit Titans basketball team stepped up to the plate to do its part to help. The team got together and devised a plan to distribute bottled water to residents in Flint.

“It was a great experience and people were so happy and thankful to get water,” said freshman basketball player Josh McFolley. 

He remarked that he loved the experience and felt the joy of the residents as they were able to receive free, clean, fresh water. 

“People were so thankful. They even talked to us about our season and told us about how much they support our team,” continued McFolley.

It was a time when help was needed the most. 

“I think this was a great philanthropic event that allowed for a great team-bonding experience,” sophomore center Jaleel Hogan said. “It was very cool that we had a chance to help out the Flint community.”

The Detroit team has a direct connection to Flint: Titans senior forward Anton Wilson. 

Flint has produced numerous elite basketball players, including Anton. 

Anton and his family participated in the water distribution event.

“Anything to help people of Flint, I will do,” said Wilson. “Being born and raised there, I’ve seen all the bad times of Flint and the good times of Flint, so I know how much it will mean to them.”

 Added coach Ray McCallum: “The Titans are very thankful for having this opportunity to help the Flint community.”

The effort impacted most Titan players.

“Knowing that the Flint community is hurting over their water compelled us bring tons of bottled water there that will help them out. I feel blessed helping them,” freshman Gerald Blackshear said. “Any time you have the opportunity to help someone out that needs your help is a great feeling.”

The Titans plan to return to Flint to pass out water to the community in the near future.