Stories Untold




Stories Untold sounds like a band you may have heard of or saw a post about back on myspace.

But in reality, if you go to UDM and know senior math major Brenden Moloney even as a distant acquaintance, you have heard of his band Stories Untold.

Until recently – November to be exact – Stories went by the moniker The Accident.

In an effort to show just how serious they are about this band, the members changed their name to Stories Untold.

Stories Untold is made up of Moloney on drums, Kevin Quednau on vocals/rhythm guitar, Jake Clark on bass/vocals, and Tim Willams on guitar/vocals.

All four went to high school together and have been friends since. These St. Clair, Mich., natives are walking down a path that tempts many, making a life out of playing music.

A few weeks into the semester, Maloney, the lone UDM student in the band, quit student teaching and the education program. He made his decision in a matter of an hour.

Moloney said he thought to himself, “This isn’t how I want to spend my life.”

He thanked the teacher he was working with and left at the end of the day.

The change meant some of his education credits were useless toward his mathematics degree. But when he graduates in May, he will have no regrets.

If you listened to The Accident a year ago and didn’t like the group, try Stories Untold.

The sound is different.

When the guys rebranded, they got a more mature sound. Their first EP is gone. They took it off the Internet.

So far they have released a stand-alone single called “Skies Still Falling” that is available on Spotify, along with a cover of Jets’ “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” that is up on the band’s Facebook page.

The guys have also released their first single, “Things Change,” from the upcoming full length “Can’t Go Home” out May 13. 

Although the guys all have different inspirations for their music, you can hear the influence of New Jersey scene legends Brand New in the music of Stories Untold, the one band it seems that every member of Stories likes.

Stories Untold sound a lot like the early 2000s pop-punk of Brand New, Taking Back Sunday and Thrice, and that is a good thing.

There are not many bands that are emerging right now that sound like Stories Untold.

It’s different from what the high school scene kids just coming up are getting force fed and that different nostalgic sound might just be what gets these dudes from St. Clair signed.

These guys are also out at every show in Michigan meeting people and trying to make new fans. This drive is what puts Stories Untold over the edge.  

The band is fresh off of a big headlining show at the Crowfoot Ballroom in Pontiac in February and the rest of this year looks busy.

On May 6, they play a CD release show at The Loving Touch in Ferndale and then Bled Fest in Howell a week later.

After that, the plan calls for a little touring out of state during the summer months.

The sky is the limit for these guys.

Don’t be surprised in if a few years you check to see the Warped Tour line-up or are tuned into 89X and Stories Untold is there.

They might just be the next Mitten State band to become big.