Students affected by working with homeless during alternative spring break in California




This year, the alternative spring break was in Sacramento, Calif.

A handful of students travelled to California to work for the organization Loaves and Fishes, which provides services to homeless and low-income individuals.

The general purpose of the organization is to promote a warm and caring environment for those who are struggling to survive.

Senior Jaramys Mosley was among those who went.

“They have a lot of programs but my group rotated through just a few,” she said. “We had Friendship Park, Mary House, Mustard Seed School and the dining room.”

Nara Gonczigsuren, a UDM junior, also went. She said they volunteered in different programs everyday.

Gonczigsuren said they did a variety of things, from serving food and helping out in classrooms.

It was a first experience for most of the student volunteers.

“It was just amazing to talk to them and really see the different type of situation they live in,” she said.

Would either go back to Loaves and Fishes?

Both replied that they would be willing.

“I would love to go back,” said Gonczigsuren. “It’s the biggest and most organized homeless shelter I’ve ever volunteered at. Plus, it’s in California, so of course”

For more information about alternative spring break, stop by the University Ministry office in the student union.