Five tech gadgets you need to survive dorm life

Back to school means back to dorm life for thousands of University of Detroit Mercy students.


That also means dealing with sometimes-spotty wifi, limited power outlets and small living spaces. Luckily, technology can make your stay on campus a lot more comfortable. Here are six must-have tech gadgets for students from Shiple to South Quad.



Mini Projector- $80

I know what your thinking, how often would I use that? Well, since you have those big plain white walls in your dorm, why not all the time? The projector serves as a much-smaller alternative to a flast screen TV. “Netflix and Chill” just stepped up its game.

I got mine a couple months ago and love it.


ChargeTech – 27,000 mAh portable power. – $250

This is a little pricy, but since outlets are hard to come by, ChargeTech could be a life saver. It comes with an outlet and two USB ports. When you’re crunched for time and need some juice for your phone or laptop, this is going to be your best friend.


Apple TV. – $150

I am a little biased to Apple, but I believe the Apple TV is one of the best media devices on the market. 


USB Power Bed Risers – $25

Since outlets are as scarce as edible food on campus, these are one way to scratch the power itch. It doubles the amount of outlets you have, but be warned: it also raises your bed a little higher. That could make climbing into it a little bit trickier after a night out at the frat parties.


Wifi hotspots – vary based on service.

It’s no secret that the wifi on campus is far from great. Why not get around that issue with your own hotspot? It gives you independence but also teaches you about monthly bills along with Netflix and Spotify because it will come with a monthly bill ranging from $20 to $100 depending on your data rates. The price could be worth it, though.


Beats wireless studio Noise calling headphones. $299

Tired of hearing your neighbor’s annoying techno music through the paper-thin dorm room walls? Try some headphones. Beats are not the best ,but if I am going to put something on my head I don't want to look like an idiot so it also comes down to brand recognition and style. The wireless headphones do have a lag when it comes to video, but for music it’s hard to beat. Pun intended.