Freshmen: 1st week at UDM ‘like hitting a brick wall’

Roughly 500 members of the class of 2020 began their Detroit Mercy careers with ice cream, open mic nights and lots of homework.


The university hosted a number of “Welcome Week” activities to help make the freshmen’s first experiences on campus pleasant. They also got to ease into their new classes with a short second week thanks to the Labor Day holiday.


Freshman Amber Greenlick said that, despite all of the festivities, her first week was not was totally unexpected.


“There was a lot more work to do compared to high school, so, it was kind of like hitting a brick wall,” Greenlick said. “But so far, it's been a lot of fun adjusting…I like the class scheduling because it's a lot more flexible.”


She said she’s excited to join Campus Ministries, and is a part of UDM’s Student Advisory Board.


Deshaun Bell, another freshman, experienced his first couple of weeks a bit differently.


“The first two weeks of class were good,” he said. “I got back in touch with people I met at orientation. I just have to get used to doing math on a computer and not in a book or on a worksheet. I know for sure I'm going to join a few organizations on campus, but I'm not sure which ones at the moment.”