President Obama will be missed

Since January of this year I had already started mourning the last day of President Barack Obama’s final term as the President of the United States, Jan. 20, 2017.

Honestly, these past eight years has phenomenally enhanced my self-esteem as an American citizen.

In 2008, we broke a racial barrier in political history; and in 2012, we did it again.

Since then however, it seems that race relations in America have worsened.

Observing how Obama was treated during his terms in office, this revelation about race relations in America is not a surprise.

I can vividly remember how I felt when Obama was first elected — I felt scared for him.

I thought he would be assassinated by some white supremacist.

Instead, what I have witnessed through social media and the recent remarks about the validity of his citizenship here in America, are attempts to assassinate his manhood, to assassinate his character, to assassinate his power and to assassinate his pride.

No other president has been violated as much as Obama.

No other president in America has been called a boy, or depicted as an animal by prominent public figures.

I do believe, like many others, that Obama wouldn’t have been disrespected as president if he was white, and if you don’t agree just Google “Obama racism.”

Although America broke a racial barrier in politics with the election of Obama, implicit racist America has become more explicit.

I still wonder: will there ever be a black president again?

Possibly in another 200 years America will be saluting our second black president, when I am good and dead.

When that day comes again, I hope the next black president will be treated with the utmost respect.